Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dabbling with Dairy, Pumped up with Protein!

To begin the day, we revisited the homemade Ricotta cheese started yesterday (Thanks for your help, "Team Cheese")! Teams 3 & 4 used the ricotta later to create manicotti with homemade crepes and marinara sauce. Delicious! Chef explained how the milk and vinegar react and separate into curds and whey... the first science lesson of the day.

Carolyn then spent some time discussing the dairy food group and why it is so important to make sure dairy is found in your diet..especially when you're at a growing age. Campers then were able to sample many different types of milk - including different types of lactose free milks, as well! It was interesting to see the difference 

Meg then told us all about protein and it's importance in the diet! Campers learned how to pair two incomplete proteins together to make a complete protein, like eating rice with beans or hummus with pita bread. (Both two dishes that were later created in the kitchen for sampling at lunch time!)

Presentations and discussion ended earlier than usual so cooking began earlier than usual... leaving lots of time for campers to make wildcard recipes, and their own chef hats with the help of Jan. Katie, and Marilee. Along with budding chefs, we also have some budding artists tucked away here in 007 Henderson! Prepare for the unveiling tomorrow, or get a sneak peak via the linked caption:)

The meals today were delicious -- campers were able to sample a wide range of protein and dairy foods. From veggie burgers and linguine with clam sauce, to appetizers and desserts, we sure had one of the best spreads of the week! 

As the week comes to a close, none of us can believe how quickly the Cook Like a Chef! Camp 2014 has gone by! Campers have learned so much the past couple of days, it's amazing how quickly their skills have improved. Campers are looking forward to showing off their favorite dishes tomorrow during the reception from 12PM - 1PM in the Foods Lab in 007 Henderson Building. All family members all welcome; bring those appetites! We hope to see you there!

Want to see more photos from today? Click on the linked caption below the photo! 

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