Monday, July 19, 2010

American Chef: Road Trip--Monday

American Chef: Road Trip! launched this week with 20 campers preparing to go on a virtual journey across the United States in search of the regional flavors that make this country great. Today the campers began by filling out paperwork and surveys for the research aspect of the camp, then learned simple kitchen procedures such as measuring, knife handling, and dishwashing. The campers watched a shot video on handwashing and a longer one on culinary terms that they will be using all week. After the basic lab procedure was explained, it was time for a Hide ‘n Seek activity to make everyone familiar with the location of various kitchen tools. Campers chose partners and settled into their kitchens

Then the stir fry demonstration began. Chef showed the campers how to chop different vegetables and stir fry them in a wok. Mise en place--getting everything ready beforehand so the actual cooking goes smoothly--was demonstrated, so that all the campers can now look like the chefs on the Food Network. The campers decided which vegetables and protein they wanted in their stir fry (chicken ruled!) nd then the chopping began! Soon the woks were sizzling and lunch was well on its way. White rice, brown rice, brown Basmati rice—just try to avoid the Minute Rice unless you forget. While the campers ate their stir frys chef demonstrated the all important dishwashing technique so that everyone knew just what to do.

After lunch, the campers learned how to make different smoothies—banana, strawberry, mango, with soy milk and banana, orange juice and vanilla yogurt. That ended the day and tomorrow begins our Road Trip across the United States. California here we come!

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