Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday: Test, Test, Test...then Party!

On Friday the campers got to see what it is like to be in college. They took 4 tests in a row, busily shuffling papers, checking off boxes and writing in comments. In the end, we'll see how much they learned at camp this week. Natalie and Catherine spoke about what it is like in England and Wales where culinary lessons are required for all students between the age of 11 and 16. They don't have anything like cooking camps though! In the UK school lunch includes healthy choices now, thanks to Jamie Oliver's intervention. There are no "fizzy" drinks allowed and no more turkey "dinosaurs" which are like our chicken nuggets. They are only allowed fries on Friday and they call them "chips". Interesting concept! Next Jon gave us a guided tour of the website, where you can find out exactly what you need to eat to get healthy and stay that way. If you use MyPyramid Tracker, you can find out exactly how many calories you need of specific nutrients--pretty handy to ensure optimal growth through the teenage years.
Chef demonstrated how to make an omelet that was healthier--by removing one of the egg yolks--and then the campers all had the chance to make their own omelet--or scrambled eggs in some cases. We were very lucky to be able to taste fresh goat milk that Emily brought in from her farm, where the goats graze around the yard. Delicious! After our big breakfast, the pizza demo showed exactly how to make a pizza
with a special technique that keeps the mozzarella cheese soft (put it under the sauce!) and then load on some of those 2 and a half cups of vegetables you are supposed to eat every day. Campers proceeded to make their pizzas and other goodies for the reception. There was barely enough time to get their stations cleaned up, make their chef hats and listen to chef's etiquette presentation before suddenly the hall outside filled with parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and the reception was in full swing! Guests roamed around the lab, sampling some of the highlights of the week and then an award ceremony recognized each and every counselor and camper that participated this week. Can they all Cook Like a Chef? Basically, yes!