Friday, July 27, 2012

Home at Last!

Home again, home again--right back to Centre County. The American Chef: Road Trip! program ended today.  We started our morning with a continental breakfast bar of cereals, muffins, and fruit.  Chef did a green smoothie demo which was delicious!  The pineapple and other fruit flavors were so strong that we didn’t even taste the kale!  She then showed us how to make a pizza that we all made for the reception.
The campers came up to the demo area to make their own pizza and some very unusual dishes were created. There was a potato pizza, some pies with vegetables, ham, pineapple, bacon and many versions of the traditional sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

As the clock ticked toward noon, the pace in the lab quickened. There was no time for wii and DDR today! There were chef hats to make, name cards to write and many, many dishes of leftovers from the Road Trip to heat, garnish and identify.  Punch bowls were filled, plates and napkins distributed and the final test was given for the study. As parents and siblings gathered outside the door, chef went over an etiquette presentation about what to expect during the event and then at noon the door burst open and the room filled up with families eager to taste what they had heard about all week.

Once everyone had a glass of Apple Cider-Raspberry Shrub Punch or Lemon-Lime-Ade and something to eat, a thank you presentation and awards ceremony was given by chef.
Well, we learned a lot this week and tried tons of new foods which we loved!  But, no matter how far you travel and no matter how much you enjoy the foods of other regions, there is no taste like home!

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