Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dairy and Protein

Today started with Chef showing the delicious homemade Ricotta cheese made in front the day before.  Thanks Team 3!  They used it later to make manicotti with homemade crepes and marinara sauce (YUM!).  She explained how the milk and vinegar react and separate into curds and whey.  Jess spent some time discussing the dairy food group (including a milk tasting!), and Paige told us all about protein. The campers learned how to pair two incomplete proteins together to make a complete protein – like eating rice with beans or hummus with pita bread. Then it was time to hit the kitchen, where the campers made a ton of tasty dishes – we barely had room on the buffet line for all of them! We had some special guests from Central PA Live come to get some interviews with our campers and some footage of us cooking.  The segment about our camp will air tomorrow on WTAJ!  The campers are looking forward to showing off their favorite dishes tomorrow during the reception from 12-1pm in the Foods Lab in 007 Henderson Building – Hope to see you there!

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