Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Day, A New Location!

Next stop on our world tour? Asia! Counselor Abbey led our tour of the continent with her presentation on the culture, cuisine, and attractions of countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Thailand. Many campers had visited countries in this area, so they were no stranger to the sweet and spicy flavor profiles this region is known for.

After visiting the southern countries, we were off to the eastern coast of the region - China, Japan, and Korea - with Counselor Nichelle leading the way. She explained many traditional dishes found in the region, and shared many "fun facts" with the campers. Did you know: the Great Wall of China is 13,000 miles long?!

Chef Corr's demonstration today included a quick tutorial on sushi making. We learned that in Japan, the art of rinsing sushi rice...really is an art. Some Japanese Chefs are in school for nearly a year - just learning how to properly make the rice! Once the demonstration was complete, our young chefs headed back to the kitchen to start making the recipe for the day!

We're getting into the groove now -- we know where everything is located, are working as a team, and are making delicious recipes! What does that make for? An early served meal, of course! Campers were finished preparing their recipes nearly an hour before usual, and most were able to make a wildcard recipe as well.

The spread of dishes was full of color today - ranging from a bright and beautiful Cabbage with Coconut to Vegetable Rolls to Green Curry with Asian Eggplant and Chicken. These campers sure have experienced palettes -- they gobbled up the meal!

Since we started eating early, we finished eating early... leaving the campers with a bit of free time to do crafts or play the Wii (after finishing washing dishes before!!). As the day came to a close, campers watched a demonstration on how to make their own chai tea, while camper Taran lended a big hand in creating the final product!

Our final stop? Europe and the Mediterranean!

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