Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday, already?!

First thing this morning, the campers were asked to complete a slew of surveys and a post test so we can see what they learned this week and make camp even better for next summer! Next, Chef demonstrated how to make a perfect omelet and the campers got to make their own omelets using whatever ingredients they wanted. There was even talk of a chocolate chip omelet - Luckily, it was JUST talk! Ham and cheese proved to be the favorite omelet ingredients among the campers. After we all enjoyed freshly made omelets, the campers learned how to make homemade pizza and each group made one for the reception. Other favorite dishes from throughout the week – such as puppy chow, potato donuts and apricot bars – were made as well. Before the reception began, the campers were given a quick lesson in etiquette.

The reception started as parents, family and friends poured into the Foods Lab and enjoyed the delicious food and beverages that the campers prepared. An award ceremony followed in which each camper was recognized and awarded a medal and special title. Cook Like a Chef Camp 2011 proved to be great time – we look forward to seeing you all next summer!

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