Thursday, July 21, 2011

Touring Europe and the Mediterranean

We kicked off today with a discussion on the Mediterranean diet led by Elena. She explained why the Mediterranean diet is "heart-healthy" - it emphasized legumes, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats and limits meat and sweets. The campers then got to sample extra virgin, extra light and pure olive oil after an explanation of oil pressing from Chef Corr. Afterward, Cody talked about the cuisine in various European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France before the campers hit the kitchen! There were a lot of exciting dishes to sample - such as hummus, gazpacho, vichyssoise (potato leek soup), hot Dutch potato salad and fresh, warm baguettes with homemade butter!
We finished off the day with "tea time". Our English interns, Kate and Danielle, told the campers all about the popularity of tea in England - Danielle's been drinking tea since she was a toddler! The campers got to sample tea with a piece of Victoria Sponge Cake, named after Queen Victoria.
The campers are looking forward to showing off their favorite dishes tomorrow during the reception from 12-1pm in the Foods Lab in 007 Henderson Building – Hope to see you there!

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