Thursday, July 14, 2011

Say Cheese!

Thursday started off with a quick lesson on composting by Chef Corr. We learned that if it rots, it’s compostable! Campers Libby and Deiona then helped Chef make some delicious homemade Ricotta cheese that was later used to make manicotti with homemade crepes and marinara sauce (YUM!). Katherine spent some time discussing the dairy food group (including a milk tasting!), and Emily told us all about protein. The campers learned how to pair two incomplete proteins together to make a complete protein – like eating rice with beans or hummus with pita bread. Then it was time to hit the kitchen, where the campers made a ton of tasty dishes – we barely had room on the buffet line for all of them! The campers are looking forward to showing off their favorite dishes tomorrow during the reception from 12-1pm in the Foods Lab in 007 Henderson Building – Hope to see you there!

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